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Have you ever been nervous about a home inspection?

You need the Shorlock advantage to eliminate that worry forever!

I think that every Realtor has experienced that sinking feeling that comes from hearing a home inspector inject their own personal opinion into the conversation.  It can become very dramatic regarding something about the home that they just didn't like. Understanding how you feel, I keep those opinions out of it.

I conduct a very thorough inspection, and present the results professionally.  I point out the positives (usually lots of them) and the not-so-positives as simple facts. No drama. This way the buyer can make their decisions without that 'negative inspector voice' dragging them down.

My job is to provide the buyer facts and educate them about their new home. If they have questions that are outside that, I refer them to their Realtor, and keep my opinions to myself.

We are professional, dependable and competitively priced.  We will explain to your client the purpose and value in having a home inspected as part of the process of buying a home.

Our goal is to leave you with an even more knowledgeable and satisfied buyer, while at the same time providing you with the protection of disclosure. Your client will have a complete inspection that will provide them with peace of mind and a safer home for their family. Remember both you and us are covered by our insurance.

We take pride in knowing that you feel comfortable recommending us to your clients. It’s personal. We will do everything we can to insure the relationship between all parties involved will be professional and develop into future clients.  Future clients are good, both for you, and us.

If you have questions or just want to see for yourself that we are all that I have said, please call me.  We’ll meet so we can get acquainted while answering all your questions.

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